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We had both been working as Christian leaders in various contexts, experiencing transformation in some places but disillusioned by the lack in others. We had certainly received some good examples and done our theological training, but even so, it was impossible for us to pinpoint exactly how all this transformation worked. The Holy Spirit was at work but we were unsure as to our role in all of this. 

Through many mistakes and missteps in this journey of discovery, life happened. Through work conflicts and through parenting and marriage, we embarked on looking for any ideas about how relationships really work. We met a few amazing people along the way who demonstrated what great discipleship looks like. Through some further studies in the area of parenting and relationships, we discovered those who were describing the characteristics of growth they observed, they were putting words to what they could see unfold. These were pastors, researchers, psychologists and teachers. Some shared insight, others practical ideas.

Slowly but surely, our lives and the people whom we were leading started to be transformed and many of our experiences from the past started to make sense. People were growing in their character as disciples and their competence as leaders. Their lives were looking more and more like Jesus. The fruit of the Spirit was growing in them. We were stumbling on a way of leading that was life-giving, not life-depleting.

Families 2 Families essentially formed out of this leading of others, and continues to function now as a wider community of friends who are joining us on this journey of learning to lead like Jesus, live on mission, and make disciples.


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Jen and Kent founded Families 2 Families in April 2016, with the ambitious dream of working with families and leaders asking "How can we help all families that are struggling in our community to thrive, to have healthy relationships and feel a sense of connection with their families and communities?"


Using theology and science as our perspective for assisting families, what started in Nanaimo continues to grow with courses and workshops being offered to other Christians now from around the world to build loving and fulfilling relationships.

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