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This 10 month academy provides an immersive teaching experience where we combine both theology and developmental attachment psychology to form a holistic model of transformative discipleship. This informs us how to lead like Jesus, live on mission, and make disciples.

The Academy of Christian Discipleship creates LEADERS!


This training isn't about "new ideas" or "good advice" for ministry (there's plenty of that out there!). It's about rebuilding the entire foundation of your leadership (and life!), transforming the way you lead and connect with others as you learn to SEE like Jesus.

  • The academy is broken into 4 MODULES, each of about 10 SESSIONS of teaching. We deliver this as one session per week. The weekly rhythm creates a steady pace of growth and opportunity to process and integrate new ideas. We grow in little steps rather than all at once, and our primary reason to spread this course over a year.

  • This is a LIVE online workshop NOT a webinar, so come ready to interact.

  • Each cohort is small of only about 6 to 8 participants. We do this journey with you.  

  • We will establish triads so as you can process more deeply the materials presented.

  • We also offer a monthly time of spiritual direction to listen to the Holy Spirit.

It's theologically-robust, insightful and incredibly practical training.

Module 01

Growth Explored

Here we explore the main goals of discipleship, and how maturation or growth unfolds in all of us. We explore these processes and observe how Jesus and others engaged with those they led. We will explore how our emotions are the engine that grows us up.

Module 02

Relationships Invited

In this module we'll explore how relationships form the basis for all of life, as we see in the Trinity as our foundation. We will explore some of the characteristics to understand connection, and learn ways we can develop connection with others that will support growth and maturation.

Module 03

Discipling Others

Here we will dive into practical ways to support growth in ourselves and others, to bridge what divides us, as well as compensating for stuckness.

Module 04

Building a Village

In this module we will start to look at our culture that supports our growth and maturation, and how to develop our own village in which growth can happen. We'll also investigate some of the challenging situations we will face when we disciple others, such as depression, anxiety, marital conflict, sexual identity, differently abled learners, aggression, dominant personalities and more.

If you are Interested 

Check out our Main Page, for information about the Academy Cohorts.

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