Looking for growth in all the wrong places.

Today, I’ve been reflecting on this observation: our minds excel at two distinct functions.

Firstly, they are adept at responding to danger triggering a defensive response. Secondly, they possess the capacity for personal growth, for growing us up. However, our minds cannot do both simultaneously.

Reflecting on my own past life experiences, I recall extended periods of heightened stress during which I struggled to navigate effectively. To be able to feel the trigger of danger, and then to regulate and find a way forward. I was stuck, and not at all mature.

Nowadays, I find myself more attuned to those I lead. I’ve learned to first assess their current state before proceeding. It seems that, at times, they may require the alleviation of real or anticipated threats before their minds can be in a place to fully embrace personal or spiritual growth. And I have to be comfortable not knowing how long this process of transition will take.

A parent at one of our workshops put it this way, when I arrived today I felt adift not knowing how to make life work. Now that I have connected and feel heard, and with the insights you have shared, I feel as though I now have a paddle. I don’t have a speed boat yet, but I now am confident I can make it and I am doing the right things to move forward.

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