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We partner with other non-profit organizations to provide FREE online and in-person parenting workshops and seminars. Topics Included: Emotionally Healthy Parenting, The Importance of Play, Understanding Emotions, and Screen Time. If you’re interested in attending a workshop, please feel free to let us know. We would be happy to let you know when the next workshop will be held.

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Video Series Part 1:
How We Grow Up

We’ve put together a series of videos that explore a few of the emotional processes by which we mature. The resulting capacities that develop underpin much of our intellectual and social growth. Therefore supporting this development is essential for all good parenting. Unfortunately in todays disconnected world, we push for results and social fit at great emotional cost to those we lead.

Finding Our
Own Voice

How do we put our beliefs, our desires and values into words and then take it a step further and have the courage to express them publicly? Our emergence fuels our empathy, optimism, social skills and managing of emotions, all are essential for living a full life.


The Journey of

The journey through loss & disappointment is essential to becoming a well-formed person, and yet today we are so avoidant of these feelings that we don’t allow others to go there either. We’ll explore both this journey as well as some consequences when we avoid it.


A Balance of Emotions

We all have the capacity to feel our emotions, acknowledge them, and eventually have them balance. This is not a suppression or control of emotions, it’s not right thinking (though this can be helpful), but it’s a true integration of emotions. As we explore integration, we’ll discover this as the true path to obtaining virtues like discernment, fairness, courage and self-control.


Video Series Part 2:
Our Need for Connection

Our greatest emotional need is connection and in this video series we will explore some characteristics of that connection that can help us to foster the development we so fervently desire in others.

Our Defense
Against Separation

If connection is our greatest need, then loss of that connection is our greatest threat . This felt or anticipated separation causes us to respond in an attempt to either restore that connection or at least to alleviate the pain. We’ll explore some of these ways in which we respond.


Our Greatest Need

We intuitively know connection is important for a baby who’s totally dependent on us, but we often forget that connection is essential for ALL those that we care for, either as a parent, boss, pastor, leader or caregiver. We’ll explore some of the characteristics of that connection and how it serves us.


Some Practical Insights

Lastly, we’ll look at when as a child, we take care of ourselves when no-one else does, and the devastating impact it has on our adult relationships. We’ll also look at some practical ways to anticipate and compensate for immaturity as well as how we might prime maturity to unfold.

Dominance & Immaturity

One hour Parent Coaching Call

Need help troubleshooting specific issues at home? Want to feel more successful in your parenting role? Looking for additional ideas on how to support your kid(s) and connect with them? Looking for parenting that aligns with your Christian faith? Schedule a coaching call to tailor the information to your situation, brainstorm solutions for typical child behaviors, and gain support in recognizing your natural parenting skills.

We believe most parents are doing the best they can with the overwhelming burdens of modern life. We are not perfect parents, and we have never met a perfect parent. Knowing this, we bring compassion, grace, and humor to our work with parents. Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect to be great.

Parent Coaching calls are FREE. We use zoom to connect, and once you register you will be given the link. Book a call with Kent or Jen (or both of us for couples).

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